Wackyday. Food Crafts for Kids

Kids can be fussy at times when it comes to eating  their food. This is where you have to get crafty and make food fun again. You can also let them help you prepare them. It would be a great bonding exercise as well as they may be more inclined to eat something they helped create.  Here are a few food craft ideas that we found online and think the kids would just love to eat.


Apples Race Cars. Which kid would’t want to eat these.  They are fun  and easy to make all you need are Apples, Grapes or String Cheese and Toothpicks. Check out the easy steps from Craft Jr.


Pin wheel Flowers – This is a fun lunch. Jill from Meet the Dubiens came up with this idea because her kids won’t eat the sandwiches by themselves. As she anticipated it worked, well at least one of her kids ate them. You can give it a try, maybe your kids would love them. Click on like to see Tutorial.


Grilled Cheese and Banana “Ice Cream”  Sandwich. – Kitchen Fun with my three sons shared this awesome idea, Ice-cream for Lunch. It sounds unhealthy but that is the trick it’s actually wheat bread, cheese, bananas and a strawberry. A balanced lunch. Check out her Ice-cream for Breakfast as well.


Sponge Bob Sandwiches – These are spot on. Not sure if I want to eat him or play with him. These were created by Graphic designer and mom Heather Sitarzewski. She creates unique ‘bento’ lunch boxes for her son every day. She have created over 120 different bento lunch boxes. Check all here creations on her tumbler Lunch Box Awesome.

Post by:  Cake Artist Ronn


Eight tips on how to bake the perfect cake


So Mother’s Day is right around the corner and you may want to surprise mom with a delicious cake. Well guess what! your cake artist is here to share a few tips that will help you achieve that moist and yummy cake for mom or maybe you just want to indulge yourself or practice your baking craft.

1. First always read your recipe twice before starting. Make sure you have all the ingredients available and pay special attention to temperatures, times, methods and units (cups, tablespoons, pounds, ounces etc.)
cups 2. Always preheat your oven. Turn your oven on and set to the desired temperature before you start mixing or prepping. By doing this your oven will reach the perfect baking temperature required by the recipe. 
oven3. Always grease your pan with shortening (Cookeen or Crisco). Shortening does not burn when heated thus your cake crust looks nice and golden brown when finish and comes out the pan with ease, never use butter or margarine. You can use greaseproof paper at the bottom or the pan after greasing or the traditional method dust it with flour.

4. Eggs, butter, milk or any other liquid should be used at room temperature. Cold ingredients will cause the batter to curdle and we don’t want that.  I like to leave the eggs and milk on the counter from the night before.
mixer 5. To prevent your cake from becoming too tough, don’t over mix the batter once you add the flour.  I like to mix in the flour by hand, when you finish mixing you will definitely be tempted to lick your fingers. 
6. Let at least ½ to ¾ of the cooking time to pass before opening your oven to check on the cake. If you open the oven too soon you risk the chance of your cake sinking in the middle. Although too much liquid or an oven that is not hot enough can also cause your cake to sink.
7. Use a skewer to stick the cake in the middle to test to see if the cake is finish. Once the skewer come out clean and dry your cake is ready.
8. Last but not least always wait for the cake to cool completely before frosting. The slightest warmth can quickly turn your frosting or icing into a hot mess. 


I hope you enjoyed the few tips I shared today. Below I added two links that just have the best recipes ever.  I have a lot more tips to share so feel free to ask  and let me know how the tips work. Happy baking from your cake artist Ronn.




Sushi Evening

Editor of Food, Events and Entertainment Kevon Forderingham and I, Crafty T attended Up Gallery Jewel Box exhibition on Sunday 5th May 2013.  We mingled, admired and critiqued.  His event review and feature of artist Jade Drakes will be posted this week. After such a fine event we wanted fine food and decided on Sushi.  Unfortunately, the  Sushi spots on Ariapita Avenue were closed  but TAO Sushi restaurant on Long Circular Road  was open , a new experience for both of us.   TAO’s stunning decor in traditional Japenese red featured elegant seating and spacious accommodations.  We soon were seated on the outdoor patio. The menu boast of mainly a variety of Sushi and Asian cuisine. We selected Ceviche and three enticing Sushi rolls.

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