Wacky Art

It is Wednesday, wacky craft day, where we share unconventional, weird and crazy crafts.

Today I will share my secret wacky art with markers. I am a big doodler with a large collection of markers and I can draw my crazy patterns and colour for hours.

This is a selection of some of my older doodles which I did earlier this year.


I am presently working on a ten piece collection of some much larger pieces.

Here is a sneak peak of fragments of three new designs.




I know you to have some wacky crafts, please email us at info@eatcraftplay.com a picture, a short story behind it and credit information and we will be happy to post in our upcoming wacky segment.

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Press Release: Weddings Made Easy


Weddings Made Easy, a Crafty Affair

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago – June 11, 2013 – DIY is a growing phenomenon and now a major trend in the Wedding industry. Budget brides and grooms, craft savvy couples are looking to have fun creating more intimate weddings to save money and to enjoy a more personal celebration. Bead Café is helping couples make it easy to plan their own handmade wedding with its unique DIY (Do it yourself) event, Weddings Made Easy to be held on Thursday 13th June 2013 from 6:00 p.m. at #53 Ana Street, Woodbrook.

Weddings Made Easy is a part of a series; Meet, Mingle & Make by Bead Café to help build the craft community, launch new products and encourage creating crafts. This event aims to showcase 100 DIY ideas using recycled and found materials, paper, ribbon, paints, beads, stamps and other craft supplies. Guests will enjoy cupcakes, cocktails and craft, with hands on demonstrations in Stamping, Origami, Jewelry Making and Decoupage.

Romany’s Rentals and Renee B Photography are partnering with Bead Café at this crafty affair showcasing their wedding services. Tickets for this event are available at all Bead Café outlets. You can email them at info@beadcafett.com  or call them at 622-8215.

About us

Bead Café was the first full service beading retail store to open in Trinidad and Tobago over three years ago with its unique range of beads and jewelry making supplies. Bead Café has since expanded into craft & hobby with its same unique service that focuses on craft education. Bead Café offers in-store workshops, participate in educational programmes with NIHERST and visits schools and communities teaching jewelry making.  Bead Café currently operates three locations and continues to expand its product range.


Tameika Fletcher-Birmingham


Image 1

Craft Chic with burlap, wood and natural and gold tones for a rustic look.
Photo Credit: Renee B Photography


Black & white glam featuring chalkboard paint, paper and rhinestone accents for a classic affair.
Photo Credit: Renee B Photography

Image 3

Pastels using recycled bottles and cans, paper garlands and flowers and handmade wire holders for a romantic event.
Photo Credit: Renee B Photography


10 Wacky Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner, here are a few “out of the box” ideas for gifts that you can give dad.


Engraved StoneSjengraving


 D.I.Y. Picture FramesPub Sub


Wrench Clock – J. Andrew Designs


 Monogram Painted HammerKaboose

For Him1 (1)

 Manly Creative Wall ArtCreative Home Arts Club


Candy GuitarEdible Craft’s Online (Connie Gallegos-Hudak)


 Unusual Leather Zipper BraceletUrban Male


Steam Punk Watch Movement Cuff LinksArt fire


 Leather Angel’s Wings NecklaceUrban Male


 Domino Bracelet – Tony Streets


Hardware Jewellery

Wacky Wednesday.  Have you ever gotten all excited when you make a trip to the hardware store? I sure have.  The possibilities of what can be created with items found there are endless.  Today we are going to look at jewellery made from materials found in the hardware.   You can wear pipe fittings, washers combined with bolts and nuts, hinges even locks can be re-purposed .  Different components found can be painted or even weaved  with beads.  Hardware inspired pieces can also be store bought.


Hand crafted by :- Nina Stotler


Hardware inspired jewellery is great for men as well. VON KOTTWITZ The Factory Collection


Gold-plated chain with geometric brass and leather components. MOXHAM


 Re-purposed hitch ring chain by :-  Bond Hardware


Rose Gold Necklace

Made from crimp sleeve connectors and weaved with black satin ribbon by :- Stripes and Sequins 


Love this DIY Hinge Bracelet by:- Love Maegan

  These are just a few of the wacky and cool ideas that can give your look a lot of edge. That tough luxe look.

Next time you go to the hardware store you will look at everything differently.


Wackyday 8 Craft and Jewellery Ideas

Some creative ideas we found online to inspire you 

washer monogram

Washer Monogram Wall Art :- Someday Crafts


Washer Pendants :- Two Peas in a Bucket


Colour Pencil Ring :-  Ecouterre


Colour Pencil Sculpture inspired by jellyfish, octopuses and sea monsters:- Jennifer Maestre


Button Jewellery :- Nuada Accessories


Amazing Button Art :- Ran Hwang


X-Ray Lamp Shade :- Sture Pallarp


Unusual Jewellery resembles bones :- CAD by Temple University


Wackyday. Food Crafts for Kids

Kids can be fussy at times when it comes to eating  their food. This is where you have to get crafty and make food fun again. You can also let them help you prepare them. It would be a great bonding exercise as well as they may be more inclined to eat something they helped create.  Here are a few food craft ideas that we found online and think the kids would just love to eat.


Apples Race Cars. Which kid would’t want to eat these.  They are fun  and easy to make all you need are Apples, Grapes or String Cheese and Toothpicks. Check out the easy steps from Craft Jr.


Pin wheel Flowers – This is a fun lunch. Jill from Meet the Dubiens came up with this idea because her kids won’t eat the sandwiches by themselves. As she anticipated it worked, well at least one of her kids ate them. You can give it a try, maybe your kids would love them. Click on like to see Tutorial.


Grilled Cheese and Banana “Ice Cream”  Sandwich. – Kitchen Fun with my three sons shared this awesome idea, Ice-cream for Lunch. It sounds unhealthy but that is the trick it’s actually wheat bread, cheese, bananas and a strawberry. A balanced lunch. Check out her Ice-cream for Breakfast as well.


Sponge Bob Sandwiches – These are spot on. Not sure if I want to eat him or play with him. These were created by Graphic designer and mom Heather Sitarzewski. She creates unique ‘bento’ lunch boxes for her son every day. She have created over 120 different bento lunch boxes. Check all here creations on her tumbler Lunch Box Awesome.

Post by:  Cake Artist Ronn