Black and Gold Jewelry Trend

Trending Thursday. Today we are going to look at one of the trends that took over the runway at New York Fashion Week last month.  Black and Gold Combinations. As Accessories Magazine puts it ” Black and gold together is arguably the coolest combination out there. From rocker chic to Italian classics, this timeless fusion transcends generations. Whether demure is more your style, or studded leather floats your boat, mix it up in black and gold and you can’t go wrong.”

Gold and black color blocking bib necklace. It adds a modern edge to any outfit by: Lily Wang 

House of Harlow 14KT Gold-Plated Short Chain Black Leather Necklace

House of Harlow 14KT Gold-Plated Short Chain Black Leather Necklace, photo via The Trend Boutique click on the trend boutique and see all the celebrities rocking House of Harlow jewelry.


Wire Crochet black and gold earrings by: Sigals Designs


Black and gold wire wrapped necklace. This piece gives you that sculpted look. Created by: Janine Antulov


Black threadbare bracelet by: Rock Love 


Multistrand tube necklace in black & gold by:  Sylca Designs

Ralph Lauren resort 2014

This piece has art deco feel to it but is very modern. By: Ralph Lauren


This necklace is Modern, Strong and Fresh By :Zimmermann

This Choker style necklace with pendant is uber sexy . By: Zimmerman 


Not forgetting the guys, ,men are also rocking this trend.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMen’s Friendship Bracelet by: Turn to Pretty


Make a Statement with this trend.


Yochi Black And Gold Starburst Ring

Ben-Amun Black And White Sculpture Cuff

Blu Bijoux Onyx Facet Bib Necklace

ABS Wide Studded Black Bangle


Kaye’s Closet

Some trends are here to stay and this is definitely of one of them. This combination is timeless. Trending Thursday. Thanks for joining us.


Hardware Jewellery

Wacky Wednesday.  Have you ever gotten all excited when you make a trip to the hardware store? I sure have.  The possibilities of what can be created with items found there are endless.  Today we are going to look at jewellery made from materials found in the hardware.   You can wear pipe fittings, washers combined with bolts and nuts, hinges even locks can be re-purposed .  Different components found can be painted or even weaved  with beads.  Hardware inspired pieces can also be store bought.


Hand crafted by :- Nina Stotler


Hardware inspired jewellery is great for men as well. VON KOTTWITZ The Factory Collection


Gold-plated chain with geometric brass and leather components. MOXHAM


 Re-purposed hitch ring chain by :-  Bond Hardware


Rose Gold Necklace

Made from crimp sleeve connectors and weaved with black satin ribbon by :- Stripes and Sequins 


Love this DIY Hinge Bracelet by:- Love Maegan

  These are just a few of the wacky and cool ideas that can give your look a lot of edge. That tough luxe look.

Next time you go to the hardware store you will look at everything differently.