Paper Christmas Tree Ornaments

This year we are keeping all those christmas tree ornaments in storage and forgetting about buying new ones. How about D.I.Y all season long. Today it’s all about paper christmas tree ornaments. Yes that’s right paper. Making paper christmas tree ornaments can be fun and inexpensive.  You can use paper in the colour and pattern of your choice to go with a scheme you may have in mind. You can also do patterned or plain paper, or even a mixture of both. There are several techniques that can be used to create these ornaments, basic origami being my favorite, simple because you can manipulate the paper into various shapes. Check out these AMAZING tutorials we found online.


I really like the shape of this striped paper ornament. It sort of looks like a flying saucer.  Check out the detailed and easy to follow tutorial at How About Orange

diy paper ornaments1

This decorated paper box idea is really neat.  These boxes can also be personalize with photos of your family. Check out the tutorial at Unify Handmade.


These woven paper baubles will sure impress your family when they come to visit. It takes a little more time than the average paper ornament to create but the finish product is definitely worth it. Next to Nix website shows how to make all three designs


This paper heart-shaped ornament is just too cute.  Christmas is all about spreading love and this ornament sure represents that. Take a look at the tutorial at Resse Dixon.


These Origami hanging decorations are a must try this season. Imagine how sleek these would look on your tree. Check out the easy to follow tutorial on mini-eco.co.uk


These paper Christmas tree ornaments can also be hanged around the house. You can make them as big or small as you like using the same technique. See the tutorial at De Stampin Corner


Check out our Pinterest Board “Paper Crafts” to see more wonderful Ideas.

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Thanks for joining us for another Make it Monday Moment, and we hope you will be making your own ornaments this christmas. Look out for Friday’s post where we have some inspiring ideas on Recycled Christmas Tree ornaments.


Black and Gold Jewelry Trend

Trending Thursday. Today we are going to look at one of the trends that took over the runway at New York Fashion Week last month.  Black and Gold Combinations. As Accessories Magazine puts it ” Black and gold together is arguably the coolest combination out there. From rocker chic to Italian classics, this timeless fusion transcends generations. Whether demure is more your style, or studded leather floats your boat, mix it up in black and gold and you can’t go wrong.”

Gold and black color blocking bib necklace. It adds a modern edge to any outfit by: Lily Wang 

House of Harlow 14KT Gold-Plated Short Chain Black Leather Necklace

House of Harlow 14KT Gold-Plated Short Chain Black Leather Necklace, photo via The Trend Boutique click on the trend boutique and see all the celebrities rocking House of Harlow jewelry.


Wire Crochet black and gold earrings by: Sigals Designs


Black and gold wire wrapped necklace. This piece gives you that sculpted look. Created by: Janine Antulov


Black threadbare bracelet by: Rock Love 


Multistrand tube necklace in black & gold by:  Sylca Designs

Ralph Lauren resort 2014

This piece has art deco feel to it but is very modern. By: Ralph Lauren


This necklace is Modern, Strong and Fresh By :Zimmermann

This Choker style necklace with pendant is uber sexy . By: Zimmerman 


Not forgetting the guys, ,men are also rocking this trend.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMen’s Friendship Bracelet by: Turn to Pretty


Make a Statement with this trend.


Yochi Black And Gold Starburst Ring

Ben-Amun Black And White Sculpture Cuff

Blu Bijoux Onyx Facet Bib Necklace

ABS Wide Studded Black Bangle


Kaye’s Closet

Some trends are here to stay and this is definitely of one of them. This combination is timeless. Trending Thursday. Thanks for joining us.


Wacky Art

It is Wednesday, wacky craft day, where we share unconventional, weird and crazy crafts.

Today I will share my secret wacky art with markers. I am a big doodler with a large collection of markers and I can draw my crazy patterns and colour for hours.

This is a selection of some of my older doodles which I did earlier this year.


I am presently working on a ten piece collection of some much larger pieces.

Here is a sneak peak of fragments of three new designs.




I know you to have some wacky crafts, please email us at info@eatcraftplay.com a picture, a short story behind it and credit information and we will be happy to post in our upcoming wacky segment.

Post from yours truly Crafty T but today Colourful Crazy Crafty T

Have a great day!


Make it a Tote Box!

Stop, do not throw away that box! Let us make a decoupage tote box.

What do you need?

  • Box
  • Scrap paper from old magazines, books, catalogues, newspapers, invitations or cards
  • Mod Podge
  • Brush
  • Scissors or any cutting tool such as a Hobby Knife or paper punch. You can also tear the paper.

Step 2: Select scrap paper, you can use a sheet the size of the side of your box  or you can cut the paper to your desired shape and size.

 I used an old scrapbook catalogue that had wonderful prints. I cut the paper in strips and cubes.


STEP 3: Apply a layer of Mod Podge on to a small area of the box and press paper, rubbing out any air bubbles.  You can use use your hands or a squeegee to smoothen the paper. 

I used Mod Podge Antique Matt for an aged look. I started from the bottom corner and continued to stick the paper covering the surface. Then I covered the entire surface with my Mod Podge. Mod Podge is both an adhesive and a sealer. You can use regular Mod Podge Matt or Gloss and it dries clear.



Step 4: Embellish

I used Washi Paper ( an adhesive patterned paper) to cover the inside. I also punched holes and used hemp to make straps. I also used buttons and ribbon for added detail. You can use brads, stickers, beads, eyelets and so much more to decorate your tote box.


I hope you enjoyed this project from us at Bead Café and remember ‘express, explore, enjoy and create’, our Motto at Bead Café.

Crafty T



Upcycling Glass Bottles and Jars

Glass bottles and jars, I am sure we all have a few laying around the house. Wine, beer, ketchup, olive oil, liquor, pickles and jam just to name a few. They come in all different shapes and sizes. Which gives you many opportunities to express your creativity by upcycling them. Here are just a few ideas to inspired you.


These bottles and jars have a nice nostalgic look to them. By: Too-much-time.com


Recycled wine bottle light. How cool is this? Christmas tree lights and glass bottles Viola!!! By: Classy Garbage


Here is an idea where after painting the bottles white they use a black permanent marker  to create unique designs on the bottles. By: ScrapHacker.com


Who doesn’t love a nice decoupage. This bottle  is decoupaged entirely in headlines and copy from TIME Magazines that they carefully choose and cut out. This is one of our favorites. By: Gr3een

upcycle empty bottles and jars to make tinted glass centerpieces

Beautifully tinted glass bottles transformed into a vase. All you need is some Mod Podge and your colour choice of food colouring. By The V Spot


This is pretty Awesome. The Cut the Vodka bottles in half and used them as upcycled glasses. See more here Home Crux

Check us on Pinterest for more ideas.



Paper Paper Paper !!!

It’s Fresh Friday and today I want to share with you all how versatile paper can be when it comes to jewelry making . Keep your old magazines, newspapers, envelopes and calendars. As you know my motto “throw away nothing”. There are many types of jewelry you can craft from paper, from earring to hats, you can even create jewelry displays. Many techniques can be applied. You can fold the paper using Origami techniques, you can roll it to create beads of different shapes and sizes, even paper mache techniques, which you may have learnt in art and craft class at school. Paper that you will usually discard, why not take it and make it into something Fresh that you can wear or even sell . Imagine you can make money from using paper you will usually discard, now that’s what i call making a profit using your creativity. I found some great inspirational ideas to get you started.


Words on a paper flower with a red glass accent. by Frucci Design

music beads 2

Necklace made from recycled sheet music. by Liz Hamman


Newspaper Necklace by How to Recycle


   Fashionable Paper Necklace by Ana Hagopian 


A year of rings constructed from paper – each month’s ring representing a symbolic flower.                                                                                                                                 Created by TT:NT, collaboration of  Tihi Kutchamuch and Nutre Arayavanis.


Origami Crane Earrings by Walking-Cripple


Funky recycled paper hat by Mary Design


Paper Mache Mannequin  is 100% recycled paper by Eclectic Creations


Black pulp paper mache jewelry display by SEWphisticate