Paper Paper Paper !!!

It’s Fresh Friday and today I want to share with you all how versatile paper can be when it comes to jewelry making . Keep your old magazines, newspapers, envelopes and calendars. As you know my motto “throw away nothing”. There are many types of jewelry you can craft from paper, from earring to hats, you can even create jewelry displays. Many techniques can be applied. You can fold the paper using Origami techniques, you can roll it to create beads of different shapes and sizes, even paper mache techniques, which you may have learnt in art and craft class at school. Paper that you will usually discard, why not take it and make it into something Fresh that you can wear or even sell . Imagine you can make money from using paper you will usually discard, now that’s what i call making a profit using your creativity. I found some great inspirational ideas to get you started.


Words on a paper flower with a red glass accent. by Frucci Design

music beads 2

Necklace made from recycled sheet music. by Liz Hamman


Newspaper Necklace by How to Recycle


   Fashionable Paper Necklace by Ana Hagopian 


A year of rings constructed from paper – each month’s ring representing a symbolic flower.                                                                                                                                 Created by TT:NT, collaboration of  Tihi Kutchamuch and Nutre Arayavanis.


Origami Crane Earrings by Walking-Cripple


Funky recycled paper hat by Mary Design


Paper Mache Mannequin  is 100% recycled paper by Eclectic Creations


Black pulp paper mache jewelry display by SEWphisticate


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