Tip Tuesday – How to Sell your Jewelry

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This a post I did some time ago for our first Bead Cafe Blog and I thought you might enjoy as we share tips and tricks every Tuesday. I have included additional information to the post.

How to sell your jewelry!


Do you love making jewelry, are your friends always commenting on how good your jewelry looks and are your family members always borrowing your creations, sounds familiar? Maybe it is time to start selling your jewelry. Starting out is never easy especially if your hobby is a personal passion. The fear of criticism looms.  Here are a few strategies you can adopt to get your craft sold.

See what people have to say!

It is important to ascertain what people think about your work to help determine how well your product will do. There is no place like home to test your products.  So how do you get started?  You need to start spreading the word to family, friends, co-workers and community groups.  I do not mean just wait for them to say: ‘I like what you are wearing’ and somehow you mange to slip in:  ‘I made this’. You have to get active by sharing and showing. Sharing and showing is an action I coined as informing others that you are designing jewelry and you have pieces for sale and presenting your work. You may receive support as well as criticism but remember it is about learning, improving and developing your craft.

Where can you share and show your work:

  • Host a jewelry party with friends and family.
  • Lunch time or after work meet up (Check your company’s policy before engaging in any activity).
  • Partner with your community, credit union or other social networks. You can ask to display at the next AGM or church bazaar.   

Know your product?

You have made the leap and started sharing and showing and the questions start rolling: people want to know what the materials are, where do the materials come from, can it break or tarnish and all sorts of other questions.  You need to know your product, so it is important if you do not have the knowledge to spend some time learning about the products you use. There is much to learn and share, for example: beads are available in different sizes, shapes, types, colours and are made in different regions.  You need to be able to speak with passion and conviction; this is how you demonstrate and pitch to your customers that you love what you do and you know what you are talking about.  At Bead Cafe we host workshops to help you learn and create, visit www.beadcafett.com for details. You can also visit and subscribe to sites such as Beading Daily  or Art Jewelry Magazine

A Birth Stone Chart is useful. Some of your customers may be interested in a particular colour stone based on their birth month.

Brand it!

After fighting the nerves you are able to sell a piece or two, excitement builds and you design a few more pieces.  Although you just got started it is important early in the game to brand your products because referrals come quick and you want to establish an image. Decide on a name for your accessories line.  It may sound foolish in the beginning and you may think but I just got started. Think about it, if someone is showcasing your jewelry what do you want them to say?  Another thing is packaging; you can make cards at home to display your earrings or other accessories as well as make or purchase little bags or boxes for your customers.  On the cards you can print basic information about your product.  Remember if you are not there your product has to sell itself. You can keep it simple but make  sure you information is clear and have a clean look.  If graphics is not your thing, ask a friend or  check online, there are a few sites that offer free services such as Vistaprint, LogoMaker and Wix.

You can also make your own jewelry display stands with tree branches, picture frames, books, vases and more.

6 Distinctive jewelry Displays via The Frisky

These are just a few things you can do to start flexing your entrepreneurial muscle. Starting a business is no easy road but you can make a good start now.

If you have a topic you will like us explore email is at info@eatcraftplay.com .

Thank you always for stopping by.

Tameika (Crafty T)


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