Wackyday. Food Crafts for Kids

Kids can be fussy at times when it comes to eating  their food. This is where you have to get crafty and make food fun again. You can also let them help you prepare them. It would be a great bonding exercise as well as they may be more inclined to eat something they helped create.  Here are a few food craft ideas that we found online and think the kids would just love to eat.


Apples Race Cars. Which kid would’t want to eat these.  They are fun  and easy to make all you need are Apples, Grapes or String Cheese and Toothpicks. Check out the easy steps from Craft Jr.


Pin wheel Flowers – This is a fun lunch. Jill from Meet the Dubiens came up with this idea because her kids won’t eat the sandwiches by themselves. As she anticipated it worked, well at least one of her kids ate them. You can give it a try, maybe your kids would love them. Click on like to see Tutorial.


Grilled Cheese and Banana “Ice Cream”  Sandwich. – Kitchen Fun with my three sons shared this awesome idea, Ice-cream for Lunch. It sounds unhealthy but that is the trick it’s actually wheat bread, cheese, bananas and a strawberry. A balanced lunch. Check out her Ice-cream for Breakfast as well.


Sponge Bob Sandwiches – These are spot on. Not sure if I want to eat him or play with him. These were created by Graphic designer and mom Heather Sitarzewski. She creates unique ‘bento’ lunch boxes for her son every day. She have created over 120 different bento lunch boxes. Check all here creations on her tumbler Lunch Box Awesome.

Post by:  Cake Artist Ronn


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