Tip Tuesday – How to Prevent Jewelry Tarnishing by Bead Cafe

What causes jewelry to tarnish? Jewelry tarnishing is due to oxidation, this is when your jewelry is  exposed to air and when it is in contact with oils, salts and acids, for example: body lotion, sweat, perfume, hair products or even water.

Preventing tarnish on jewelry is a lot less work than removing it.The tips that we are sharing today will be useful to both consumers and jewelry designers.

Washing of Hands – It all starts at the very beginning. We recommend that you wash your hands with a mild soap, rinsing away the residue of lotion or any kind of chemical that may be on your hands  then dry your hands thoroughly.  This should be done before you start creating your jewelry as well as before putting on or handling your jewelry.


Clear Nail Polish – this is an age-old trick that most of you may know already. Paint a thin coat of clear nail polish on your fashion jewelry. We do not recommend this tip for plated or precious metal jewelry. This is a good technique to use on gold of silver coloured base metal jewelry.

clear nail polish

Jewelry Shield – This is a product that is made especially for jewelry. It serves several purposes such as to prevent skin irritation for people who have sensitive skin and can’t wear fashion jewelry.  Just apply two coats of jewelry shield on Earrings, Rings, Watches, Bracelets, Clasps, Eyeglasses, etc. and this can prevent skin irritation. It creates a shield between your skin and the jewelry. Jewelry shield when applied also prevents tarnishing. It also adds a nice shine. Jewelry Shield is available at Bead Cafe.

jewellery shield

Polishing Jewelry – Keep your jewelry dry and clean.  Minor tarnish can be buffed off with a jewelry polishing cloth. As well it is a good idea to lightly wipe your jewelry after wearing, this removes any oil, salt or acid contaminants and to dry the piece.  Remove your jewelry before showering, swimming or exercising.  We recommend Brilliant Polishing Cloth available at Bead Cafe.


Storage – Keep jewelry, findings and craft wire out of the air when not being worn or used.  Your jewelry should be stored in a dry place, with a moisture-absorbing product like 3M’s silver protector strips. Another way to prevent tarnishing is to store your pieces separately. Zip lock bags are great for this . Keeper boxes are also great for storing findings separately.  When different types of metal are stored together they react with one another, thus causing tarnishing.  Storing your pieces separately also helps you become more organized.



We want to end by saying there is no way to keep fashion jewelry from tarnishing for a lifetime, but you can help prevent tarnish and extend its’ life by using these tips we shared with you today.


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