Sweet Treats, Crafty Finds, Fashion and Wine

Saturday Spot is about what’s happening, what is coming and our recommendations for places to visit.                                          

Last Saturday, 4th May 2013, I had the pleasure to attend four events. It was enjoyable event hopping and supporting these initiatives.

My dear friend Saleen, a new entrepreneur is the owner of  Romany’s, an event rental business, she hosted a unique event called ‘Taste Table’. Guests had the opportunity to sample an array of cupcakes and place orders as well as see the crockery available for rental.  It was innovative and inviting. An excellent start for Romany’s, I wish them continued success. I must mention the peanut butter topping was delicious and the cupcakes were nice and moist.

Taste Table at Romany's

Taste Table at Romany’s

After leaving Romany’s in Arouca, I headed west to Woodbrook Youth Facility, to attend Up Market.  I am a fanatic for locally made and locally inspired products. It is fulfilling to see the exquisite work of some of my customers who are regular exhibitors and the plethora of local creativity. Up Market is a monthly food and finds market, it had approximately 100 booths that were filled with mostly locally made delicacies, food, soaps, accessories, branded tees and more. I could not resist the urge to shop so I indulged; Perfect Peppers, dark chocolate made in France from homegrown cocoa, tees from ESP Jr and Totally Trini and a handmade leather necklace from Rachel Rochford.

Up Market finds and foods

Up Market finds and foods

After Up Market, I attended the opening of 212 Location, West Mall. I grew up in fashion and had the opportunity to learn and grow in the business, understanding from manufacturing to retailing. Although I chose a different path and ventured into the craft business, I am still involved in the industry.  My youngest brother has been an entrepreneur since graduating from University and has his own chain of stores.  I have always admired his perseverance and passion for fashion. He is an excellent stylist and fashion connoisseur.

212 Location, West Mall

212 Location, West Mall

After a day filled with sweet treats, crafty goodness and fashion it was time for an evening with friends to sip and learn about wine. We attended Bottle Stop Co. ltd. Wine Tasting and Education.  I think I loved the presentation from Mr. Jeremy Matouk more than the wine.  Mr. Matouk spoke with such finesse and passion about wine as he drifted, taking us down memory lane about his travels to vineyards. I pictured myself one day being able to visit  bead factories around the world.  He was truly inspirational and I enjoyed his personal chat with our table after the event.  Although I was lost in my own thoughts I did learn more about wine and even had a chew. Wine chewing is a way of tasting the wine to determine the body of the wine. The best wine for me was the Delas Feres Hermitage ‘Marquis de la Tourette’ 2006.

Bottle Stop Co. Ltd. Wine Tasting & Education

Bottle Stop Co. Ltd.
Wine Tasting & Education

What a delightful day! Till next time.

Crafty T



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