Sushi Evening

Editor of Food, Events and Entertainment Kevon Forderingham and I, Crafty T attended Up Gallery Jewel Box exhibition on Sunday 5th May 2013.  We mingled, admired and critiqued.  His event review and feature of artist Jade Drakes will be posted this week. After such a fine event we wanted fine food and decided on Sushi.  Unfortunately, the  Sushi spots on Ariapita Avenue were closed  but TAO Sushi restaurant on Long Circular Road  was open , a new experience for both of us.   TAO’s stunning decor in traditional Japenese red featured elegant seating and spacious accommodations.  We soon were seated on the outdoor patio. The menu boast of mainly a variety of Sushi and Asian cuisine. We selected Ceviche and three enticing Sushi rolls.

Sushi is a Japanese cuisine consisting of cooked vinegared rice and typically combined with raw fish or seafood. ‘Important seasonings are soy sauce and wasabi (Japanese horseradish). Soy sauce is used as dipping sauce. Wasabi is put in nigiri-zushi or is mixed with soy sauce for dipping. Also, pickled ginger called gari is commonly served with sushi’


First on the menu was Ceviche. Although not Japanese and has it’s roots in South and Central America, Ceviche like Sashimi is made with  raw fish but don’t get perturbed I tried it and was delicious  The fusion of salmon and tuna marinated with fruits and seasonings like cilantro was tasty.

image The Soca Roll crafted with tuna, salmon, imitation crab, rice and cream cheese was elegantly wrapped in Seaweed and topped with chives,toasted sesame seeds, soca sauce, unagi (eel) sauce. Soca Roll like it’s name suggests was a fusion of tastes  giving the roll rhythm. The Salmon Lime Roll made with Salmon and imitation crab was also flavourful. The winning roll for the evening although not typical  was the TAO smokehouse combo roll, blending beef,chicken and lamb wrapped in rice with secret ingredients was delicious.wpid-20130505_181940.jpg wpid-20130505_181903.jpg wpid-20130505_182908.jpg TAO didn’t dissapoint, it had  great decor and ambiance, unique rolls and enjoyable world music. We will definitely visit again. Review by Crafty T (Tameika) (All views shared are my personal views)


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