Toilet Makeover

Hi crafty friends,

It is Make it Monday and we are featuring a makeover, the Bead Cafe Craft & Hobby store toilet.  Initially it was supposed to be simple, a fresh coat of paint but as I started to paint, it began to flake. I didn’t want the hassle of puttying the troubled wall or calling the professionals. Then I remembered seeing a picture online using scrapbook paper to cover a wall. I didn’t read the post but this paper idea stuck in my mind and I knew I had to try, this is what I did…

What to do?

Select your Canvas

I selected my troubled toilet wall. I did not finish paint it but I did scrape the flaking paint.


Gather supplies


  • 12×12 Scrapbook Paper (Measure wall to determine quantity)
  • Mod Podge ( I used 4, 16 oz jars as the adhesive and sealer)
  • Squeegee ( Squeegee is used to press the corners and edges of the paper)
  • Brayer (Brayer is used to smooth the paper onto the wall to eliminate air bubbles)
  • 4″ Brush Applicator (A 4″ brush is a good size to give a smooth even application)


  • Decide on a pattern and lay it out. I went random, just have fun with your paper quilt.

Start pasting and smoothing


  • Pour Mod Podge onto a disposable plate or container.
  • Load the brush and completely apply Mod Podge to a 12×12 space.
  • Adhere each sheet of paper to the wall.
  • Use the Brayer and Squeegee to smooth paper (Pay attention to edges and corners).
  • Continue pasting and rolling till your wall is covered (Some paper cutting may be required)
  • Put a final coat of mod Podge onto the entire surface.


Give yourself a clap, smile, take pictures you are a design star.

Enjoy dabbling !

Post by Crafty T (Tameika)


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